Cody  Custom Guitars

Basic Options

-  left or right hand guitar or bass

-  25 ½ inch guitar scale is standard - other options are also available

-  34 inch - 4 string bass is standard - other options are also available

-  domestic or exotic woods for the body and the neck

- laser graphic engraving available

-  clear, tinted clear, solid color or metal flake body finishes

-  customer choice of bridge style and hardware color

-  customer choice for control layout of knobs and switches

-  pickups are customer choice and we like Vineham pickups, Bill Lawrence's "Wilde" pickups and Seymour Duncan's

-  all guitars are properly shielded against electromagnetic interference "EMI"

-  many guitar neck rear profiles, nut widths and fretboard radiuses available

-  many standard body shapes available  - custom body shapes will have a longer lead time and may incur additional costs

GraphTech Ghost acoustic system for electric guitars

Click on the logo for a demo at Vimeo

The three most important elements of any electric guitar or bass are look, sound and feel.  Because every guitar player is different, a custom built guitar can blend the three elements to suit the players needs or desires better than any mass produced guitar.

The feel of a guitar is probably the most important element.  The most expensive, nicest looking and best sounding guitar won't be played much if you hate the feel of the neck or the body.  A guitar has to be comfortable to play for long periods whether you are playing for the crowd or just for yourself.  We will take the time to make sure your guitar "fits" you.

The sound is based on what type of music will be played on the guitar.  From chicken pickin' to dirty blues to all out heavy metal, no one guitar can do it all.  We will make sure your guitar can make the sounds you want to hear.

The look of the guitar is a personal choice of the owner.  We offer exotic woods or paint schemes and many non-standard layouts to personalize your very own "Signature Model " guitar.

                         There is a minimum 150 day lead time for a custom built guitar or bass. 

                        More time may be necessary depending on work load or special options.